Missy Raines all-star single premieres for Swept Away

“There’s that moment you think may never come. I remember mine. I had been nominated many times for IBMA’s Bass Player of the Year. I was good with that. But then, they called my name and everything changed. At the time I didn’t fully grasp that I was part of something bigger – the times they were a changing – and I was along for the ride.

Today, my companions on this fantastic journey are Alison Brown, Sierra Hull, Becky Buller, and Molly Tuttle. Each of them, like me, the first woman to receive an IBMA award on her instrument. The song I chose for us? Swept Away written by my hero and friend, Laurie Lewis, a grand pioneer who continues to lead the way for generations of women (and men) to follow.

One beautiful late summer day, we came together as friends to record this tune – jubilantly creating a bit of history, yet reluctant to call it so. After all, this is what we do, every day. So I couldn’t be more excited to share with you, Swept Away, from my upcoming record, Royal Traveller. The record is produced by Alison Brown and features a long list of celebrated guests including these 4 history- makers, Tim O’Brien, Amy Ray, Claire Lynch, Trent Wagler, and many more.”

Full article by John Lawless on Bluegrass Today

Katherine Forbes