The Bluegrass Situation, Missy Raines: A Traveller Through Generations of Bluegrass

I sat down with Justin Hiltner from Bluegrass Situation and we talked about the making of Royal Traveller and lots more. 

Royal Traveller, her brand new album, sheds the New Hip moniker, but keeps the exploration, inspired by the handle of a suitcase and her ever-nomadic life.

But this isn’t an album that you’d simply file away as a musical fulfillment of the “it’s about the journey, not the destination” cliche. It’s an open and honest telling of the realities of a life in transit, a life in flux, in constant motion. The countless miles Raines has traveled are a gorgeous, weathered patina on her songwriting as well as the careful, intentional arrangements — and rearrangements — of these songs.
— Justin Hiltner, The Bluegrass Situation

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Katherine Forbes