Inside Out - 2009

Inside Out - 2009


Inside Out is truly a dream come true for bassist Missy Raines who has been envisioning it for the past decade. The album, which fuses bluegrass virtuosity with jazz-tinged grooves and a song-driven sensibility, is a true collaboration between Raines and her band, The New Hip, featuring Michael Witcher (dobro and vocals), Ethan Ballinger (mandolin), and Dillon Hodges (guitar). Produced by Raines, members of The New Hip and Ben Surratt, Inside Out features special guest appearances by Matt Flinner (mandolin), John R. Burr (piano) and Megan McCormick (guitar, vocals). 2009 on Compass Records

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  1. Inside Out

  2. Basket of Singing Birds

  3. Duke of Paducah

  4. Magnolia

  5. Pootie Tang

  6. In Over Your Head

  7. Tattoo

  8. Stop, Drop & Wiggle

  9. Ides of March

  10. Angeline